Armond Sabah

Armond Sabah


A diverse musician and master of the Andalusian and Arabic musical traditions, Armond Sabah is a composer, musical arranger, and virtuoso Oud player.

Born in Morocco, Sabah made aliyah to Israel in 1965. In 1979 he began his Master’s degree in classical guitar performance at the Instrumental department of the Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem. In addition, Sabah trained extensively in Classical Arabic music, specifically in the arts of improvisation, Maqam, and Eastern rhythms.

In the early 1980’s, Sabah founded an ensemble of piyyut performers and musicians. He served as their musical director and lead musician, and through the work of this ensemble helped to spread the popularity of classical Andalusian piyyut and Moroccan folkloric music throughout Israel.

Sabah has performed, composed, and arranged for various projects focusing on Middle Eastern music. Among these are collaborations with the singers Estee Kenan Ofri, Ilana Eliya, and the Jabaliyo Ensemble with whom he plays traditional Kurdish music. As an expert on Andalusian music and Moroccan-Jewish liturgical songs, Sabah accompanies established paytanim such as: Rabbi Haim Louk, Lior Elmalich, David Weizman, and Maimon Cohen. Sabah is also a soloist and lead musician of the Israeli Andalusian Orchestra based in Ashdod, and teaches music and voice technique in institutions across Israel.