• … one of the most meaningful creations
    about or in honor of Jerusalem
    that has been created in the last few decades.

    —Ariel Levinson, Jerusalem Season of Culture
  • … as exciting as the coming of the messiah.

    —Yon Feder, Ynet Yedioth Aharonot
  • The mixture of styles and the diversity of the musicians and singers
    as well as the linguistic plurality
    suggested a utopian vision of coexistence.

    —Paul David Young, Art In America
  • VIDEO CONCERT “For All Eternity” at Sacred Music Festival in Jerusalem

    NJO Ensemble perform Peretz Eliyahu’s new piece, “For All Eternity” at Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival2014. part of the Jerusalem Season of Culture.

     Watch the video

  • News Teddy Kollek park fountain plays the music of the NJO

    The NJO performed Omer Avital’s “Hazorim Bedim’a” at the grand opening of Teddy Park, located in Mitchell Park part of the Jerusalem Walls National Park. Music from Maqam Yerushalem including Avital’s piece ‘Hazorim Bedima’ selected to be the soundtrack for the fountain show, played every night at sunset.

    Watch the video

  • In Depth Story of the New Jerusalem Orchestra and the people behind it

    Article by Aryeh Tepper about the foundation of the orchestra by Omer Avital and Yair Harel, through the collaboration with Rabbi Haim Louk, and the creation of Maqam Yerushalem and Hazorim Bedima’a.

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  • 7290105161611 Ahavat Olamim 2 CD set available

    Featuring master of moroccan piyyut Rabbi Haim Louk
    Buy now: Amazon

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